The Ron Paul Phenomenon

Wed, Jun 27, 2007

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My colleague, Connie Reece, preaches to me about social media being all about transparency and authenticity. She’s right. Ron Paul, a libertarian who is serving in Congress and running for President as a Republican, has struck a nerve in the American online community by being absolutely who he really is and by letting everyone know, who will listen, just exactly how he sees the national and international situation today. In an age of consultant driven politics, he is defying conventional wisdom. Because of social media, he is becoming relevant. Wired magazine has an excellent article on the online phenomenon surrounding the insurgent effort by Paul. Most interesting to me is that the Ron Paul phenomenon is a spontaneous grassroots and ‘netroots movement, not one engineered from a campaign “war room.”

The one point the article does miss is that the Ron Paul “movement”, while made possible by the new technologies associated with social media, is really inspired by the message. Paul is speaking out directly in contradiction to the party he hopes to get the nomination from. He’s openly critical of his party and the President on matters ranging from the Iraq War, which he opposes, to the federal budget crisis, which he sees as very not-Republican. His willingness to be completely honest, within a process that is known for spin and nuance, is apparently winning him supporters. Will it make a difference in the end? We will see whether his adoring fans, who are proficient at participating in online polls and commenting on blogs, are willing to mix it up with the folks who are already out there “in the trenches”, organizing political efforts and voting on election day. If they do show up in person, Ron Paul’s followers might just be one of the big stories of 2008.

~Mike Chapman

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  1. goldenequity Says:

    Who IS Ron Paul? Do your own homework.
    NOBODY explains Ron Paul
    BETTER than Ron Paul himself!

    Here is an interactive audio archive of
    Ron Paul speeches and interviews as a resource in chronological

  2. Ron Holland Says:

    Ron Paul is the last, best chance for a return to limited constitutional government here in the United States today. Even the advocates of big government have to agree his record and views have certainly been consistent throughout the last 20 years. Few other politicans can say the same.

    Ron Holland is the author of the online book, The Swiss Preserve Solution at This is a politically incorrect guide to defending your wealth & liberty from internal and external 21st Century threats.

  3. NH Says:

    Read more about Ron on the

    Joe Sobran on Ron:

    Joseph Sobran on Ron Paul:

  4. Zydeco Says:

    Nice post, Mike! Us PaulBots thank you.

  5. Whitetop Says:

    I expect Ron Paul to win, not only the Republican nomination, but the presidency. The Republicrats are falling apart at the seams, as all unprincipled hornblowers eventually do. Ron Paul is here to clean up the mess. Thank God!

  6. Brenda Thompson Says:

    Interesting–I started noticing hand-lettered signs for Ron Paul recently around my neighborhood (Bouldin Creek in South Austin). The iPhone graphic set up to showcase his social media involvement is interesting:

  7. Chris Grayson Says:

    As one who has pretty strong libertarian leanings, I’m very receptive to Ron Paul’s message.

    But the line in your post that caught my eye was:
    > The one point the article does miss is that
    > the Ron Paul “movement”, while made
    > possible by the new technologies associated
    > with social media, is really inspired by the
    > message.

    I think a lot of people get so caught up in the trend of the moment, that they forget that the technology is only the facilitator, not the conversation itself.